Elections 2013
“The country can progress only in a peaceful and congenial environment, that’s why a ‘Pur-Aman Pakistan’ is the ANP’s slogan for 2013 general elections,” says Senator Haji Mohammad Adeel while presenting party manifesto at a policy seminar organized by SDPI under the title “Relevance of Manifesto in Political Dynamics of Pakistan” organized by SDPI. Anum Lodhi has the story…
Food Security
The World Food Program has declared about half of Pakistan 165 million populations as food insecure. To preempt the impending disaster, government has prepared a safety program named as ‘National Zero Hunger Action Plan’ which the Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani has already announced. The program will be launched as an integral part of the federal budget 2012-2013. Our Correspondent Kashmala Chaudhry has the details.
Peace and Conflict
SDPI holds a discussion on the origin of protests in Turkey that earlier begun as environment-friendly demos and later simmered with anger over other issues and quickly boiled over nationwide. Speakers talked about the future of the state and region in post-presidential elections scenario in Iran and the two states relations with Pakistan
SD Conference
Interview of Dr. Hafeez A. Pasha on 16th SDC
South Asia is fast losing livelihood opportunities due to the changing climate. Speakers at the three days Track II Dialogue between India and Pakistan held in Islamabad, concluded that the slogan “Climate Change for Peace” should include securing livelihood opportunities in the region. Our correspondent Muhammad Adnan has the details…
The issue of Graphic Health Warning (GHW) has become contentious over the past few years. As per SRO 22(KE)/2015, the size of the GHW was desired to be increased to 85% on front and back of the cigarette packs. Owing to an inordinate delay in its implementation by the Tobacco Industry, the case  had been referred to the Islamabad High Court, where it is pending for past three years. Speakers Dr. Minhaj us Siraj, Deputy Director General (Health), Tobacco Control Cell, Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Shaikh Faqeer Muhammad, Director, Division of Controlled Drugs, DRAP Faraz Ahmed, Associate Coordinator,  Coalition for Tobacco Control-Pakistan (CTC-Pak) Waseem Iftikhar Janjua, Senior Research Associate, SDPI Moderator Syed Ali Wasif Naqvi, Project Associate, SDPI
Social Sector Development
A Discussion with Naila J Dayal on Role of minorities in nation building. Guset : Naila J Dayal Anchor : Tahir Ahmad Dhindsa
Women\'s struggle often remains ignored in Pakistan, and needs to be given more attention, say leading women at the launch of a book \"Who am I?\" by renowned media practitioner Muneeza Hashmi at the Sustainable Development Policy Institute. Our Correspondent Wasif Naqvi has the report...
Economic Development
Consumers in the subcontinent pay the price of not having normal trade relationships between India and Pakistan. On the other hand governments of the both sides are also losing in terms of revenue. Our correspondent Muhammad Adnan talks about the conclusions drawn in the seminar on “The costs of economic non-cooperation in South Asia”.