Elections 2013
Elections are bloody at times. They start with conflicts and at times, ends in conflicts. District Sahiwal in Southern Punjab is no different. The place is brewing with Election related conflicts supported by different political parties, that take life of two or more people in every Union council. SDPI has conducted a two day dialogue forum on the topic. Kashmala Chaudhry has the story…
Food Security
Food insecurity is a major issue as high food prices are causing socioeconomic unrest in the country. Pakistan needs to intensify its food policy in order to overcome these issues. If certain policies are not formulated than Pakistan will confront severe food shortages. In the policy forum on “Food Price Volatility & Policy Options” held in Islamabad these issues were highlighted. Our Correspondent Raja Taimur Hassan has the story...
Peace and Conflict
Another Class of IDPs
SD Conference
Think tanks need to undertake organizational development so as to strengthen their work as well as achieve their short and long-term goals, say experts from various countries at the SDPI\'s 16th Sustainable Development Conference panel discussion titled \"Action Research and Organizational Development: Case Study Sharing\".Sharing their success stories, they said both action research and organizational development are closely related to each other. Raja Taimur Hassan has the story...
Climate Change has made it necessary for India and Pakistan to cooperate for the best utility of the water sector. These views were shared by the delegates of the track II dialogue between Pakistan-India, on Climate Change for Peace. Our correspondent Kashmala Chaudhry has more to tell…
Dr G. Shabbir Cheema is Director Asia-Pacific Governance and Democracy Initiative (AGDI) and Senior Fellow, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii.
Social Sector Development
A seminar titled "The State of Zoos in Pakistan: Searching for Humanity" was organized at SDPI with the objective to deliberate upon the need to improve conditions of zoos in the country. Experts at the seminar highlighted the history and evolution of zoos along with best global practices that can be replicated to provide a sustainable environment to the animals.
Prof Dr. Adil Najam, Dean of the Pardee School of Global Affairs at Boston University Prof Dr. Adil Najam delivered a special lecture on New World (Dis) Order with 7 key terms i.e. protest, ultra-nationalism, truth, change, strongmen, governance and anger.
Economic Development
After the failure of public sector in service delivery, recipients call for the accountability of people concerned. That's why the demand side accountability is fast becoming a buzz word among the developing communities in South Asia. To introduce the concept at grass roots level, a panel was dedicated in the 5th South Asian Economic Summit. In an exclusive interview with Tahir Dhindsa, the members sought the accountability of national media in Pakistan...