Peace and Conflict
Book Launch:Balochistan Azadi Sai Subai-Bai-Ikhtiari Tak
Sardar Akhtar Mengal, the former Chief Minister of Balochistan, says the only way to restore peace in Balochistan is the acceptance of six-point agenda of Baloch people, who, what he says, will not come to the negotiating table unless their demands are met. He was speaking at the launching ceremony of Ahmad Salim’s book, “Balochistan: Azadi Sai Subai-Bai-Ikhtiari Tak” as well as a panel discussion: “Peace in Balochistan and Role of Federation”, organized by SDPI in Islamabad. Mengal demands the suspension of military operations in Balochistan and production of missing persons before a court of law. Our Correspondent Raja Taimur Hassan has more to tell…