Alif Ailaan Report Launch
According to District Education Rankings 2013, released jointly by Alif Ailaan and Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) here at Islamabad, the Punjab is on the top while Balochistan falls in the bottom, and none of the Sindh districts could find a place among top 50. A total of 145 districts, including all districts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, have been ranked in the report that focuses on primary education. According to the report, 98 out of 145 districts got more than 50 out of 100 scores, showing an average performance. Two composite rankings (Education Index and School Index) have been developed in the report. The education index measures the quality of education, using four indicators such as access to education, attainment levels, achievement levels (reading and math ability), and gender parity. The school index measures the quality of infrastructure and facilities, using five indicators such as electricity, water, toilets, boundary walls and the condition of building. Our correspondent Raja Taimur Hassan has more details