About Us
The Social Media Company (SMCO) is the brainchild of like-minded independent researchers, working on issues relevant to sustainable development in Pakistan. This initiative comes as a recognition of the growing importance of social media in a highly connected world. This website showcases some interesting documentaries, interviews with experts, and video clips on multi-disciplinary issues such as inclusive economic development, gender and minority rights, election fairness, corporate social responsibility, social service delivery, peace and conflict, among others. The age of social media has taken hold across the globe, and it is not surprising to see how the phenomenon is shaping public opinions in different regions of the world. This was also witnessed during the Arab Spring, where a series of revolts was complemented by proactive social media campaigns by youth and expatriates from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It is in this context that the role of social media signifies and allows an entry-point for discussion on issues of public interest. We hope that you have a good experience as you browse through the rich content available on this website.